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Class Action Lawyers / False Advertising / Bait and Switch Claims

Bait and Switch Claims

Bait and switch are one of the most infuriating types of false advertising. Bait and switch tactics lure unsuspecting customers into a given store, or into agreeing to purchase a particular good or service, only to change the game at the last second. You might be pressured into paying more than advertised or buying something you didn’t intend to buy.

Whether you have an individual bait and switch issue or you have suffered the same harm as dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other victims, the Kalfayan Law Firm is ready to fight for your right to compensation and justice. Call our office in Del Mar, just north of San Diego, for a free consultation at 619-232-0331.

Bait and Switch Under California and Federal Law

“Bait and switch” covers a wide range of conduct aimed at tricking a customer into buying something other than what they came in for. The “bait” is the false advertisement: advertising a product that the merchant doesn’t have or has no true intention of selling. The “switch” is the tactic used to coerce the customer into buying something else, typically for a higher price to the customer or lower cost to the merchant. Bait and switch tactics are illegal under both California and federal law.

Between California’s false advertising laws and federal unfair trade practices law, illegal bait and switch schemes can take a number of forms. Examples of unlawful bait and switch conduct include:

  • Refusing to show or sell the product that was advertised
  • Disparaging an advertised product or the terms of sale to coerce a customer into “switching” to a different product
  • Failing to have enough quantity of an advertised product to meet anticipated demand, or falsely claiming that a product is out of stock
  • Accepting a deposit or down payment and then switching the buyer to a more expensive item
  • Displaying or demonstrating a defective or unattractive product that can’t reasonably be used for the purposes advertised
  • Failing to take delivery or to make deliveries, or failing to do so within a reasonable time, or refusing a refund

Bait and switch tactics are not limited to retail products in a store. You could have a bait and switch claim against hotels that trick you into a more expensive room, auto dealers that coerce you into buying a different make and model car, airlines that add hidden fees to a flight, or even insurers that suddenly stick you with higher-than-advertised premiums. If you’ve been swindled by a bait and switch scheme in California, talk to a false advertising lawyer at the Kalfayan Law Firm for advice and assistance.

Holding Companies Accountable for Bait and Switch

If you’ve been swindled by an unlawful bait and switch campaign, you have the right to hold the perpetrator accountable. Bait and switch advertising harms all consumers, costing time, money, effort, and opportunity cost. When you’re left with a sub-par product or service, when you’re tricked into buying a more expensive product that you didn’t need, or when you are secretly charged at the last minute for a higher-priced product, you deserve compensation.

The lawyers at the Kalfayan Law Firm will help you get back the money you spent, plus other consequential damages that may be recoverable. We’ll also help you stop the offender from tricking other consumers in the future. Do your part to stop false and deceptive advertising practices with help from the Kalfayan Law Firm.

Contact a Lawyer at the Kalfayan Law Firm Today

For help with a bait and switch or other false advertising class action claim in California or nationwide, contact the Kalfayan Law Firm in San Diego/Del Mar for a free consultation. We represent local individual plaintiffs and pursue class action litigation throughout the country with commitment and dedication to seeing the case through to the end.

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