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Class Action Lawyers / Business Litigation

Business Law and Litigation Attorney Serving California and Nationwide

The Kalfayan Law Firm in Del Mar is an excellent choice to advise you, guide you, assist you and represent you in your business litigation and transactional matters in San Diego and Southern California. With a business-oriented mindset, attorney Ralph B. Kalfayan obtained his undergraduate degree in Accounting before earning his Juris Doctor law degree. He then took an extra step few lawyers do in earning a Master of Laws degree with an emphasis in Intellectual Property. Skilled and knowledgeable, the Kalfayan Law Firm provides practical advice and strategic representation in a variety of business law and commercial matters in San Diego. With a national reputation for taking on class action lawsuits in areas such as antitrust, consumer protection, product defects, breach of contract and torts, the Kalfayan Law Firm can ably represent you in any business dispute involving businesses and their customers, competitors, partners or shareholders, or any of the innumerable parties that can present a legal challenge to a California company. Contact our business litigation law firm with your litigation or transactional needs.

Contract Disputes

Whether they are oral or written, express or implied in law, contracts lie at the heart of every business transaction. Companies deal with a dizzying number and types of contracts daily with numerous parties, including employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, advertisers, leasing companies, and countless others. We’ll represent your rights and interests in questions involving breach of contract, anticipatory breach, rights and duties under existing contracts, and disputes over whether a valid contract was ever created in the first place.

Business Torts

Even where there is no contract or contractual relationship, businesses can still find themselves in litigation as plaintiffs or defendants facing a variety of business torts, including allegations of unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, fraud and misrepresentation, theft of business assets, tortious interference with business relationships, and more. Business tort claims might arise among competitors, customers, members of the public, or government agencies such as the Office of the Attorney General. We’ll build a case that proves the law is on your side and work to ensure you are treated fairly in or out of court.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate deals typically represent the biggest investments individuals and businesses make. Every piece of property is valuable and unique, and buyers and sellers alike invest enormous amounts of money, time and effort into finding the right property for their needs and securing financing or finding a qualified buyer and readying the property for sale. Parties have too much invested only to see something go wrong along the way that keeps the transaction from happening. The Kalfayan Law Firm can help prepare and review documents and title and represent you at closing for a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

For disputes that arise in the midst of a real estate transaction or at any point during real property ownership, our litigation team offers practical, strategic advice and zealous representation to resolve your dispute efficiently and cost-effectively. Count on the Kalfayan Law Firm for help with title disputes, boundary disputes, landlord-tenant matters, mortgage foreclosures, and other legal matters related to real property ownership.

General Commercial Transactions

California business owners enter into contracts and agreements every day, ranging from mundane exchanges to astoundingly complex and multilayered transactions. The Kalfayan Law Firm can provide you with insightful counsel and representation to keep your business running smoothly, whether developing standardized purchasing contracts and employment agreements or representing you in complex negotiations on major deals, including large-scale mergers and acquisitions work.

If you are starting up or spinning off a new enterprise, our experienced business lawyer can advise you on your best options for business entity formation, including corporations, partnerships, LLCs and other corporate forms, depending on your needs and goals in areas such as liability protection, favorable tax treatment, business succession, management and control, and other key, vital areas. We are also here for the life of your business, ready to negotiate, draft or review any significant commercial transactions to make sure your rights and interests are protected and that any contract you sign will accomplish what you intend it to with clear, enforceable terms and conditions.

Corporate and Partnership Litigation

Business owners might be vigilant about threats from competition or customer disputes, but they are often blindsided by internal divisions that suddenly arise or boil over after simmering for years. Disputes between business partners or disagreements among shareholders, officers and directors can pose an existential threat if not dealt with appropriately. You can count on the Kalfayan Law Firm for skilled experience in all forms of business dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Where possible, we’ll work to resolve disputes in a way that preserves important business relationships while making sure your rights and interests are protected. Moreover, our experience as a class action litigation firm makes us especially well-suited to handle shareholder derivative lawsuits and other collective actions.

Call on the Kalfayan Law Firm for help with all manner of corporate and partnership disputes in San Diego and beyond, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buyouts
  • Executive compensation
  • Dividends
  • Deadlock disputes
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Rights of majority and minority shareholders
  • Rights of partners and LLC members

Tax Litigation

Attorney Ralph Kalfayan began his legal career in the tax and audit departments at Arthur Andersen, where he provided tax consulting and tax compliance services, reviewed financial statements and helped issue audit opinions. Consider the services of the Kalfayan Law Firm if you are dealing with an IRS audit or notice of deficiency, a tax debt, or other tax law matter that requires an attorney with knowledge and experience in this specialized area of law.

Contact Our Experienced Business Litigation Team Today

For help with a wide range of business litigation and transactional matters in San Diego and throughout California and beyond, call the Kalfayan Law Firm at 619-232-0331 to discuss your needs.

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