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BMW X7 Transfer Case Defect


A possible defect in the transfer case within different model years of the BMW X7 has been discovered by consumers.  Drivers have complained that when driving slow to medium speeds, driving slowly around corners, or driving uphill, the vehicle begins to shudder.  A defect with the transfer case could be causing these shuddering issues.

It should also be known that the following symptoms can also be common for drivers who are experiencing problems with their vehicles transfer case: fluid leaks, strange noises (such as grinding), difficulty shifting gears, or failing to stay gear while driving.

The transfer case is responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the front or rear axles of a vehicle, or for AWD vehicles, transferring the power equally to all wheels. The transfer case is filled with fluid that keeps its internal components cool, corrosion free, and to prevent wear and tear.

Unfortunately, there are related issues that are not caused by this potential defect but are instead caused by or found in vehicles that are used for off road or towing purposes as well as due to regular wear and tear, lack of regular maintenance, or a leak that causes low fluid levels.

If you drive a BMW X7, and this problem occurs, be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. It is not safe to continue to drive the vehicle, even though no warning lights appear when the problem arises. If you continue to drive the vehicle, the damage to the transfer case will continue to worsen, and may cause damage to the vehicle’s transmission, drive shaft, and axles, which are more costly and difficult repairs.

Costs for the repair of a transfer case are dependent on the extent of the damage, and the parts or fluids needed for the repairs. Likewise, labor costs also vary depending on the extent of the issue and on state of residence.

If your vehicle is under a manufacturer or extended warranty, the cost of repair for the failure of a transfer case should be partially or fully covered. However, if your vehicle is past the mileage or warranty period, you may have to go out of pocket to cover the costs.

Please contact The Kalfayan Law Firm if you or someone you know has experienced an issue with the BMW X7 and/or its transfer case.

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